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About Dil-Ayen

What we do

We create educational opportunities through the renovation of rural underserved public elementary schools in Ethiopia.


Our Mission

Manale Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization supporting the social advancements of communities through charitable projects. Our mission is to rebuild the Dil-Ayen elementary school in Belessa Gonder, Ethiopia through the sale of fashion garments inspired by the spirit of Ethiopia and through the help of your kind donations.  We are building school facilities, including libraries, functional bathrooms, access to fresh drinking water, teachers' residences, and will be providing children with textbooks and educational resources.  


Rebuilding Hope

Dil-Ayen is a government elementary school in Belessa Gonder, Ethiopia supporting more than 1,200 children. Currently, the school has only eight classrooms to serve all of its students. The average class size is 80 to 90 students per class, leaving no room for kindergarten students.  Small children are forced to attend outdoor sessions only.


It is our responsibility to educate our children. This requires an environment that enriches their individuality and lets them grow in harmony with their culture. 

Equipped with education, our children will be able to contribute to the success of their community and uphold our cherished Ethiopian cultural values.

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